July 30, 2015

People debate which of our sons looks like which parent.  The most popular opinion is that Arthur looks like me.  We think Charles looks like my wife but you really have to look pretty hard to see it.  Then, I figured out exactly who Charles looks like.


He’s a dead ringer for the “Describe Your Pain” Guy!!


It’s nice.  I never have to ask Charles to describe his pain.  I just have to look at him and then the chart.  Which is great because he can’t talk.  The troubling thing is that when I look at Charles’ expressions and then look at the chart, he’s very seldom at a zero and often at a ten.

In the picture above I’d have to put him between a 2 and a 4. That’s either a little pain or mild pain.  And that’s his second most common expression.

Here’s his most common expression.


Umm…that’s a ten if I look at the chart.  Actually the guy in the chart at 10 looks like he’s in much better shape.  Charles look says 12 to me, so he must be experiencing what it’s like to break your femur while pulling out a nose hair at the same time.


Here he’s demonstrating what a 14 on the pain scale looks like. A 14 must be like breaking both femurs and having a zit on your lip.


Looks like he’s at 16 here.  That’s both femurs broken, a kidney stone, a few really bad paper cuts, and realizing that the only left to watch in your DVR are three episodes of Little People Big World.

So I learned two things.  1) The “Describe My Pain” Guy is the likely father of my son Charles. 2) My son lives a life in near constant agony.

You really do learn new things every day as a parent.

Least Favorite Child Results

July 29 – Arthur is Least Favorite.  Why?  Because he doesn’t have to live in the same writhing pain as his brother.


That’s a zero on the pain scale to me, right?

Total Days as Least favorite Child.

Arthur – 25 Days

Charles – 22 Days

Days Since Neil Patrick Harris Received My Post and Hasn’t Responded – 15