June 26, 2015


I’m very much a typical dad.  When my sons were born it had a profound affect on me.  It made me change the way I thought about everything.  When I looked down at the two little men who shared my genetic code, I had the same thought that every new father has.  Which Game of Thrones Characters would these guys be?

I’m sure my father had the same question when I was born, although back in that time he probably wondered what Gunsmoke Character I was.  The difference is, he could only speculate while I live in a day and age where I can find out definitively who my sons REALLY are.  Thank you, Buzzfeed!!

Let’s find out!

Quiz Question #1

OK, the first step is to pick a movie from a selection of The Omen, Cruel Intentions, How To Train Your Dragon, Braveheart, The Iron Giant, The King’s Speech, Hunger Games 2, War Horse and Aladdin.

I’ll have to be creative answering these on the limited knowledge Arthur and Charles are giving me about their likes and dislikes.

Charles is a voracious eater.  I think if he was choosing a film, he’d spot the word hunger and immediately relate and choose Hunger Games.

I identify Arthur most with William Wallace in Braveheart.  His typical outbursts are similar to Wallace’s in the film’s final purification.  Wallace yells “freedom!!!!” so loud it shocks everyone watching in the crowd.  Arthur shocks everyone when he yells too.  He might even be screaming “freedom” but he lacks diction skills.  We’ll go with Braveheart as his choice.

Quiz Question #2

Which statement applies most to you?

There are way too many statements to bore you with here.  Arthur and Charles would both pick the one that read, “You like to be worshipped.” I think it’s a safe bet considering all their needs are met without ever having to lift a finger.

Quiz Question #3

Pick a Simpson’s character.

Again, they give you a lot of choices here.  I think Charles would choose Barney Gumble.  I’m sticking with the theme of his eating/drinking voraciously for this choice.

For Arthur I’ll choose Nelson Muntz.  I’m projecting into the future, but for some reason I see Arthur as the type who likes to have a laugh at people’s misfortune.  I see the way he looks when he pees on me during a diaper change and it’s pretty smug.

Quiz Question #4

Pick a song.

A very weird and wide array of choices here from Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach to Crazy Horses by The Osmonds.  Charles is going to choose, “I’m Not A Girl.  Not Yet A Woman” by Britney, if for no other reason than he caught me singing it the other week and probably can’t get it out of his head.

Arthur will go with “Talk Dirty To Me” by Poison.  He seems like a head banger and he poops up his back a lot, trying in the dirty in the song’s name.

Quiz Question #5

Pick an Emoji.

Easy.  They both chose the poop one.  Kind of a no brainer.


Quiz Question #6 (Can’t they figure this out in fewer questions)

Pick a sport.

Arthur chose fencing.  No reason why.  He likes shiny things I guess.

Charles chose weightlifting.  His face is usually contorted the same way as the guys lifting.

Quiz Question #7

Pick a Mr. Men Character.

None of know what Mr. Men is.  Both boys choose Mr. Small.  I’m sure these quizzes allow for complete guesses on some questions.

OK!!  Time for the results.

This quiz nailed it!!

Charles is Hodor.  Makes total sense.  Charles is the larger one of the two and his vocabulary is more or less the same as Hodor’s.  He’s only a word behind him.


Arthur is Tyrion.  Of course he is.  I knew he was a little smart ass and now I have the evidence to back it up. (SPOILER BELOW!!)

Episode 6 scene 15

Of course knowing he’s the character who killed his father with a crossbow while he sat on the can is a little unnerving.  Mostly because I’ve imagined that as one of the ways I might meet my great reward even before I had sons.

Least Favorite Child Results

June 24 – Arthur is building up the type of lead that’s going to force Charles into making some major personality changes if he wants to catch up.  Arthur had 3 or 4 epic meltdowns and cried during an entire stroll through the neighborhood.  I think even the dog wanted to get back home mid walk because he was embarrassed. And this is a dig that hadn’t been out for a walk in a long time.

Least Favorite Child – Arthur

June 25 – Kind of a quiet day. Charles made it close contest by waking up a 3am and insisting on turning on ESPN to see the results of the NBA Draft, but I can understand that to some extent.  He’s still trying to figure out who is favorite team is, and you need to get all the facts.  In the end Arthur had a cranky day on the boob and that won it for him.

Least Favorite Child – Arthur

Total Days as Least Favorite Child

Arthur – 13 Days

Charles – 7 Days