June 22, 2015

When we found out we were having twins, my wife and I vowed to never dress them alike. We wanted them to have their own identities. We should have shared our thoughts with others as we received tons of matching outfits for the Boys.

Now that they’re five weeks old we don’t really care if they have their own identity. In fact we find we want them to have the same identity; heavy sleepers.

Then I realized that this is just another arena for competition. My buddy Rob inspired today’s post when he suggested I spend the weekend hanging around in a diaper like the Boys and take a Who Wore It Best Photo. I’m going to spare you a picture of me in a diaper though.

It’s time for the first edition of Who Wore It Best? – Newborn Style

Who Rocked It In The Best Brother Onesie?

IMG_1878 IMG_1868

The Boys definitely wear this outfit off differently.  Charles shows you his emotional side, in an attempt to highlight the darkness of the color along with his mood and take your focus away from the fact that he has no neck.  Arthur’s casual manner lets you know he’s more than capable of handling the Best Bro duties.  An accessory would have helped both of them out here, to make the outfit pop.  Maybe a carry satchel or a pacifier.

I give the nod, to Charles.  He looks more “fierce.”

Who is Mommy’s #1, #1 Fan?


What better way to celebrate the first day of summer than with something white with a splash of color! Hands down, this one goes to Arthur?  Check out his look!  He doesn’t give a shit if you think he looks good in this outfit or not.  Not giving a f*ck gets you places in this world.  Charles knew he was in trouble so tried his go to “Baby In A Coma” look for some pity points.  Sorry, Guy.

Arthur takes round two.

Who’s The Big Deal?


This green number stands out and so does the Boys’ flirty side as they each try to show you a little shoulder.  Charles gives us a little more of his playful side in a natural bassinet setting while Arthur seems stuck on the cross for our sins on a pretty dirty bedroom comforter.  Arthur’s cross look doesn’t seem like a good match for the fun tones.

Sexy Charles takes it this time.

On to Least Favorite Child results for Saturday and Sunday.  Arthur is starting to build up a sizable Least Favorite Lead.  I’ve never been so frightened of someone who can’t hold his own head up for more than a few seconds at a time.  He’s actually starting to hold it up longer which concerns me, because I’m sure he’s just trying to get control of his arms, head and legs so he can take me down.

His screams of anger and displeasure if I take a bottle out of his mouth for even just a second to grab a burp cloth are jarring.  Just yesterday I saw that the bottle I was feeding him was close to empty and he was still going to be hungry.  I felt like a hunter shooting at a charging rhino who was running out of bullets.  I screamed for my wife to prep another bottle but it was really more of a terrified shriek.

One day the Boys will find this blog.  Charles, will smile and cherish the fact that I documented his early days.  Arthur will grab a blunt object and strike me down.

**This blog may one day be evidence at a murder trial.

Least Favorite Child on Saturday – Arthur

Least Favorite Child on Sunday – Arthur

Total Days as Least Favorite Child

Arthur – 10 Days

Sweet Charles – 6 Days