June 9, 2015

I read something frightening on Facebook yesterday.  Someone posted that “A Parent is only as happy as their least happy child.”  I don’t know if this is accurate but it made me gulp in dread and was the direct result of who won yesterday’s Favorite Status.

If this is true I may as well start looking for the perfect stationary theme to use for my eventual suicide note because I have the world’s unhappiest baby and his name is Charles.  Here’s a sampling of the many moods of Charles.

Here he is anticipating the soothing affects of Vaseline after a rigorous diaper change.


Here he is meeting a new friend.


And here he is just kicking back for a little R and R.


I think it’s obvious why I’m more than a little troubled that MY happiness is tied to HIS.  I think people view me as a jovial type, but if this rubs off how much longer will that last.  Happy go lucky Steve is soon to become someone who inexplicably cries during a work conference call, bursts into tears when he has to stop at a red light, or sobs hysterically if the Red Sox lose a big game.  That last one might have actually happened.

It’s up to you, Charles.  You’re my adorable little smell good emotional anchor, and if you can’t lighten up and roll with the punches you’re going to take me down with you.

For that reason alone, Arthur won the day.  He’s can be quite a little asshole with absolutely no regard for my needs especially when it comes to his needs BUT he’s extremely and quite ignorantly smug about his place in the world.  I’ll have a hit of that thanks!

Fun Fact: The Boys got their Social Security Cards in the mail yesterday so they can officially join the work force.  If someone has a need for a worker with incredibly small hands and no need to leave a production line to go to the bathroom I have two perfect candidates.  Their resumes are thin but they’re fine with entry level positions.

Least Favorite Child for June 8, 2015 – Charles

Total Days as Least Favorite Child

Arthur – 2 Days

Charles – 3 Days